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VTOMAN 1548Wh Extra Battery

VTOMAN 1548Wh Extra Battery

€999.00From €599.00
Plug-in-Play&Capacity Expand In Seconds VTOMAN extra battery has a huge capacity 1548wh and can expand the JUMP 1000, JUMP 1500X and JUMP 2200 battery capacity in seconds with the included CP3500...
VTOMAN Jump 600X Extra Battery 640Wh

VTOMAN Jump 640Wh Extra Battery

€459.00From €399.00

Capacity Extension: Compatible with Jump 600X. Expandable capacity to 939Wh.
Super Safety: The Jump 600X Extra Battery is a built-in premium LiFePO4 Battery. Besides, it has LIFEBMS that can provide multiple protection for the battery.
Durable & Economical: With an extra battery, it can provide more juice to run your essential devices and appliances for hours.
How To Charge: Connect the extra battery with the Jump 600X power station, then recharge the extra battery through the power station.
Easy To Carry: With a sleek, streamlined frame design and a durable, solid handle, its easy to carry around.