Extra Battery

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Extra baterie VTOMAN

Extra baterie VTOMAN

€999.00Od €599.00
Plug-in-Play & Rozšíření kapacity během několika sekund VTOMAN extra baterie má obrovskou kapacitu 1548wh a dokáže rozšířit kapacitu baterie JUMP 1000 a JUMP 1500X během několika sekund pomocí přiloženého propojovacího...
VTOMAN 640Wh Extra Battery

VTOMAN 640Wh Extra Battery

€459.00Od €338.00

Capacity Extension: Compatible with Jump 600X. Expandable capacity to 939Wh.
Super Safety: The Jump 600X Extra Battery is a built-in premium LiFePO4 Battery. Besides, it has LIFEBMS that can provide multiple protection for the battery.
Durable & Economical: With an extra battery, it can provide more juice to run your essential devices and appliances for hours.
How To Charge: Connect the extra battery with the Jump 600X power station, then recharge the extra battery through the power station.
Easy To Carry: With a sleek, streamlined frame design and a durable, solid handle, its easy to carry around.